Wednesday, October 7, 2020

What Happened in Kinderhook

Today at noon, grand jury indictments are expected to be delivered by a county judge at the Columbia County courthouse here in Hudson for Alex Rosenstrach, owner of ClubLife Health and Fitness; Kelly Briscoe Rosenstrach, a Columbia County deputy sheriff; Cory Gaylord, a heavy equipment operator at Gaylord Contracting; and Bryan Haag, an IRS agent, Criminal Division. In the meantime, Enid Futterman, who has been conducting her own investigation into the events that occurred in the wee hours of July 5 at the Rosenstrach home in Kinderhook and subsequently, has published her second article on the subject on "The Party's Over (Part 2): What really happened next." 

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If you missed Part 1, it can be read here.

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