Wednesday, July 27, 2022

Another Isherwood

I thought I'd spotted this sculpture by Jon Isherwood on the truck delivering the sculptures to Hudson yesterday, and I was right. But I was wrong in assuming it would be installed in Courthouse Square. 

Photo: West Side Rag
This sculpture, titled "A Gift Between Two," which in Broadway Blooms was exhibited at Broadway and 72nd Street, is now installed at the train station.

The exhibition of Isherwood sculptures in Hudson is part of this year's The Hudson Eye, THE2022, the ten-day artist-driven festival that begins on August 26.

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  1. I was lucky enough to catch Isherwood when he was installing his wonderful pieces and polishing them up. We chatted about how they came about and I was happy to note that, as I told him, "this is very much how us writers work: we order a truck-size piece of marble from Italy, start grinding wih our diamond disc drills and saws, then polish by hand." Voila, a book, a piece of art.