Wednesday, July 20, 2022

Pursuit of the Truck Route Issue

At the special Common Council meeting last week, it was decided that an ad hoc committee would be created to pursue the issue of getting trucks off the streets of Hudson. At the Council meeting last night, Council president Tom DePietro announced who would serve on that committee. Nine people have been identified: five members of the Common Council--Margaret Morris (First Ward), Dewan Sarowar (Second Ward), Mohammed Rony (Second Ward), Amber Harris (Third Ward), and Ryan Wallace (Third Ward); two county supervisors--Abdus Miah (Second Ward) and Linda Mussmann (Fourth Ward); one member of the public--Donna Streitz from Our Hudson Waterfront; and Mayor Kamal Johnson.  

Who will chair the ad hoc committee has not been announced, and the committee's first meeting has not been scheduled.


  1. Don't most of those 5 alders already have enough to tackle in the sidewalk committee and elsewhere? The sidewalk committee which is progressing at a slug's pace?

  2. I'm thinking that their first effort is going to be a reminder letter sent to Colarusso and every trucking company who passes through Hudson: "Hey truckers, we don't want you here anymore. Go away." It will be just as effective as the sidewalk committee's recent notice to all residents, and it too will be the work of, at best, amateurs with good intentions. I hope it's better than that, but I doubt it will be. B Huston

  3. I could not think of a better way to undercut the credibility of this committee than to put Colarusso's paid shill, Linda Mussman, in the mix.

    I sometimes try to determine if it's the lack of moral compass or total incompetence that guides Tom's actions, though he seems keen to prove the two can work in tandem.

    Hudson deserves a better government.

  4. hey bb. If you have any skills that you could bring to the effort, please do. But, you would need to expend time and energy on it... like real work. Public service is hard work.

    1. GT -- I've thought about being an alder, believe me. From what I have observed the past 8 years, though, the system seems so poorly structured that I would mostly feel unsatisfied and unfulfilled with lack of accomplishment. I'm thinking that's why former alder John Rosenthal (and others) bowed out so soon. The way we govern (common council, primarily) is not done elsewhere, at least not in places that are making progress and understand, among other things our city seems to fail to understand, that if you don't have safe sidewalks and streets then you don't have a liveable city.

      Have you seen the rusty, unreadable, outdated, embarrassing, insulting and worthless distraction of a so-called sign welcoming every driver as they make their way into town up the hill on 3rd street from the bay? All it really says is DYSFUNCTION AHEAD. I don't want to be directly involved with that environment (and I'm sure there are many others like me), so instead I keep my distance and observe. BH