Friday, July 1, 2022

The Bear Out There

We don't quite know the route of the bear's meanderings around Hudson this morning before being persuaded to get out of town, but thanks to this picture we know that at some point, between being spotted in the stately homes block of Allen Street and being captured on video at Cherry Alley and Sixth Street, the young ursine took a moment to contemplate climbing a tree in Courthouse Square.

Photo: John Lippert


  1. Contemplate indeed. Smart bear to decide against it. That's a formidable tree! On those 2 rear legs, the darling looks like a thoughtful human for a change. I hope he or she is in a better place now. Enjoying the photo!

  2. If you search "bear" on Gossips, you will find that having a bear wander into town is almost an annual event at this time of year. All have made their way back to a more suitable habitat without incident and without being harmed.