Friday, July 1, 2022

Bear Sighting in Hudson

This morning, a young bear was seen in the backyard of a house on the south side of Allen Street, in the 300 block. A reader provided this photograph.

Where the bear went after his stroll through the yard is not known, but folks in the area should be on the lookout.

Update: An hour later, it was reported on Facebook that the bear was in Cherry Alley near Sixth Street and heading east.

Update: Leah Jacobs, who posted the video of the bear in Cherry Alley on Facebook (from which the image above is a screen capture), reported this follow-up on the Hudson Area Community Board:
The bear was safe and unharmed and relocated outside the city of Hudson. And yes, [it] was hungry and looking for food and yes we are in their backyards. This is life in the country.

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