Saturday, July 9, 2022

This Year's CDBG Application

The CDBG (Community Development Block Grant) application process happens every year. The process involves public hearings to encourage public participation "both in the preparation of CDBG applications and throughout the implementation of local CDBG projects."

This past Thursday, there was a public hearing on this year's CDBG application. The hearing lasted for 16 minutes and was attended by no members of the public. The video recording of the hearing can be viewed hereWhat was announced at the hearing was that the City is using its CDBG opportunity this year to apply for a grant of $31,000 to $32,000 to do a feasibility study on renovating the beach house at Oakdale Lake.

Renovating the beach house was one of the eight ideas that were part of Hudson Valley Initiative's vision for Oakdale, developed in 2018. 

The changes that were proposed for the beach house in 2018 included a concession bar and the rearrangement of the Youth Department office and the bathrooms to make the latter more accessible. Also proposed in 2018 was a redesign of the entrance to Oakdale that involved making North Sixth Street a pedestrian entrance and drop-off spot and creating a new entrance from North Seventh Street for vehicles. 

After the feasibility study is done and a design for the renovation is in place, the plan is to go back for grant funding to implement the project. 

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