Wednesday, July 20, 2022

Update on the Parking Study

In May, Gossips reported there had been three responses to the RPI for a Parking Improvement Feasibility Study, only one of which had a price tag that was within the City's means. Last month, the Common Council passed a resolution authorizing the mayor to execute a contract with Fishbeck, a Michigan firm headquartered in Grand Rapids, which was the group whose price--$35,000--matched the City's budget.  

Yesterday, the Hudson Business Coalition (HBCi) reported that, last week, representatives from HBCi and its member businesses had participated in stakeholder interviews with a consultant from Fishbeck. The report explains: "We provided input on the needs, challenges, and opportunities regarding parking and intra-city transport that are most relevant to Hudson business owners, as well as residents and visitors." The entire report from HBCi can be found here.


  1. 35K to a firm in Michigan for a "study". The money wasted on these studies is mind boggling. If more parking was needed, that 35K could have been used to create another parking lot. So crazy.

  2. More wasted money. Sometime around 2018, Rob Perry of DPW fame hired a company called Always Safe Sidewalks to come to town and do a study of all the tripping hazards on city property. It was an impressive amount of work they did. It cost us $18,000. Lot of good that did.
    B Huston

    1. .... and with all the talk of sidewalks the sidewalk in front of City Hall has been broken for years and the mailbox falling over.