Friday, July 22, 2022

Wealth in Hudson

Yesterday, a reader alerted me to an article in MoneyPop titled "These Small Towns Have a Lot of Millionaires Living Within Their Borders." Notwithstanding Hudson is a small city not a town, we made the list, with a "total millionaire density of 7.2%." 

The paragraphs about Hudson begin with this statement: "In Hudson, New York, there are 25,243 households and 1,810 of them have a millionaire family living inside." Huh? Hudson's population is fewer than 6,000. Every man, woman, and child in Hudson would have to maintain at least four households for there to be 25,243.

In truth, Hudson has only 2,606 households, and the article provides no information about how many of those households are millionaire families. What MoneyPop is calling Hudson is actually all of Columbia County.

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  1. Articles like this are usually nonsense. The worst ones make an attempt to measure quality of life, which can't be reduced to a bunch of numbers.