Monday, July 11, 2022

Just Beyond Our Borders

We Hudsonians, in our little progressive liberal bubble, sometimes forget that the rest of the county doesn't necessarily share our values. Gossips was reminded of this today by an email from GhentCAN, with the subject head "Hate Speech on County Road in Ghent." It would appear the only offense of the people whose property was so marked is that they are Democrats.

We are sad to report this very disturbing incident in our town. In speaking with the Ghent residents, who woke up to this sign in front of their home yesterday morning, they feel this is a personal threat and can think of no explanation other than their support of Democratic candidates over the past few elections. In 2021, their Dem lawn signs were vandalized and stolen numerous times as well. . . .


  1. I guess you have no problem with protesters stalking Supreme Court Justices then?

    1. Apples and horse apples. Not an apt comparison: There is no basis to believe the home of the folks in front of which the sign appeared killed any babies, in utero or otherwise. Justice Beerbong, on the other hand, besides being a whiny, tear-prone trustafarian, is a proven liar who acquired his current sinecure by . . . lying. Besides, yelling at public figures in public from a public street is a Constitutionally-protected activity enshrined by long-dead slave-owners who are the subject of the cult or originalism adhered to by a majority of the Court's members.