Sunday, April 29, 2012

Doggone! Is the Dream of a Dog Park Gone?

Last Sunday, Gossips reported about a plan to turn the brownfield site that was Foster's Refrigeration into a dog park. All that was required for the transformation from brownfield to dog park was to complete the demolition, remove all the debris, and bring in new topsoil. It seemed the City of Hudson was willing to do that to eliminate an eyesore and provide some open space where a group of interested dog owners could develop a dog park. 
The City made a formal request for bids on the demolition, and at last Wednesday's Public Works Committee meeting, DPW Superintendent Rob Perry reported on the bids received. They ranged from $120,000 to $228,440--the lowest being, according to Perry, twice what anyone imagined it would cost. It is not yet known what the City's next steps will be in addressing the brownfield or how the unexpectedly high price tag for demolition will impact plans for a dog park.   

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