Thursday, April 12, 2012

Witnessed on Warren Street

A Gossips reader witnessed the following incident this afternoon. The truck shown in the photograph was parked in the first metered spot on the southwest corner of Fifth and Warren. The front end of the vehicle extended into the yellow "No Parking" zone painted on the curb, and the parking meter was expired. At 4:32 p.m., a parking enforcement officer issued a ticket for the parking violation and placed it on the truck's windshield. No sooner had he done so than a passing HPD patrol car stopped, and the officer in the car told the parking enforcement officer to remove the ticket, explaining that the truck belonged to a fellow officer and the ticket would be voided anyway. The parking enforcement officer did as he was told and removed the ticket.  


  1. That sounds like Hudson to me!

    -- Jock Spivy

  2. When I complained to the parking enforcement officer about a car parked for a week in front of my business without tickets for meter or alternate side parking - he aimed his tabulator at the license plate - it refused to print a ticket - voila - personal HPD car.

  3. This is insufferable. Carole, if your correspondent would let me know any particulars -- which officer it was, what number HPD car s/he was piloting, etc. -- I will bring this up at the Police Committee meeting later this month.

    I myself have notice that the HPD have a bad habit of blocking either one or both of the lanes of Warren in front of their HQ whenever shifts change. I find this, too, an abuse of their discretion.

    The police in this city must obey the laws or none of us need obey the laws. As the latter is unsupportable, the former is required.