Friday, April 13, 2012

Civic Pride Revisited

Yesterday, the Register-Star had an article about a graffito that marred the newly laid sidewalk in front of Wunderbar and The Crimson Sparrow on the 700 block of Warren Street. Lyle Lentz, the owner of Wunderbar, put a picture of the culprit on Facebook, along with a message that said of the new sidewalk: "This is not a city project." The implication seems to be that projects undertaken with private investment are more deserving of respect than projects funded with taxpayer money.

Whether this opinion is valid or not, the response to the vandalism in this case was certainly different. The wet cement was smoothed over to obliterate the graffito and a stray footprint, and the person responsible banned from Wunderbar. Compare that with the total lack of remediation for the sidewalk or retribution for the vandals and graffiti artists responsible for defacing dozens of new sections of sidewalk on Warren Street two years ago.          


  1. The wet words were obliterated by the time I got to the Wunderbar, but I had hoped to photograph and compare the alleged same wording with the new spray-painted graffiti on city property just south of Holcim.

    There, along the beach, you will see not only old cement structures spray-painted but a living tree trunk too. That is going to last a long, long time.

  2. There is a spray paint color called "Camouflage" that would help disguise the paint on the tree.