Wednesday, April 25, 2012

More About Concra and the Hudson IDA

Nathan Mayberg has an article in today's Register-Star that probes the murky history of 25 Railroad Avenue and explains the details of Concra's lawsuit against the Hudson IDA: "Title to DSS Property Held by Hudson IDA."


  1. Finance Committee discusses possible unpaid balance
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    By Tom Casey
    Hudson-Catskill Newspapers
    Wednesday, February 15, 2012 2:07 AM EST
    The Hudson Finance Committee is attempting to confirm whether the city is owed $15,000
    on property payments from more than a decade ago.
    At its regular meeting Tuesday, City Treasurer Eileen Halloran
    addressed unaccounted-for payment records
    for lease and payment-in-lieu-of-taxes payments
    on two land parcels on Railroad Avenue
    owned by Concra Associates, including 25 Railroad Ave.,
    home of the Columbia County Department of Social Services.
    “I’ve searched through the vaults and couldn’t find anything,”
    said Halloran. “I’ll look through the basements tomorrow
    but we don’t seem to have these records.”
    Anthony Concra sat down with the committee to hash out what he may owe Hudson.
    According to Halloran, payment records for $10,000 for a lease payment
    on property referred to as Parcel A and $5,000 on Parcel B could not be located.
    Concra said he felt that those payments had been rectified and would check his records,
    but they may be difficult to find.
    “Between you and I there are about 30 boxes of records with my attorney,” he said.
    If Concra wants to sell the property he will have to clear up what he might owe to the city.
    The committee did not have enough members in attendance to make quorum,
    so the matter was only discussed and no agreement could be made.
    However, Concra said he was more than willing to cooperate.
    “If I owe the money it will be paid. I have no problem with that,” he said.
    Halloran echoed his sentiment.
    “Tony has always been very cooperative with us, you can quote me on that,” she said.
    “Like he said, if he thinks he does owe us that money
    then he won’t give us a hard time about paying it."

  2. Thursday, March 8, 2012 2:07 AM EST
    Register Star
    Columbia County Board of Supervisors Chairman Patrick Grattan, R-Kinderhook,
    said that an environmental study on the Department of Social Services (DSS) building
    at 25 Railroad Ave. has cleared the way for the county to explore the purchase
    of the property from its owner.

    The county has been spending $425,000 a year to lease the building from Tony Concra
    for the last 20 years. The lease ran out last month, but the county is still paying the monthly
    rent at the same rate.

    The long-awaited study showed that the property housing the building,
    on a closed landfill, was properly cleaned up, said Grattan.

    Grattan said he, along with County Attorney Robert Fitzsimmons,
    would be negotiating the purchase on behalf of the board.
    He said the board would be kept appraised of the negotiations
    and would ultimately have to approve any deal.
    Grattan said he was authorized to pursue negotiations
    if the environmental study showed nothing was wrong with the site.

    The 40,000 square foot building is assessed at $2,056,000.
    Which is it?
    Did the lease run out Feb 2010 and Concra owes property&school tax for 2 yrs?

    or did the lease run out Feb 2012? and Concra just started paying property&school taxes Feb 2012?

  3. Its the pilot that ran out feb 2010-so tax time!@$425K a year The assessment was raised ,so
    Concra could sell it for 1+ to 2+ mil depending
    on buyer.City or County
    He can not have it both ways
    Now he doesn't want to pay taxes,based on assessment he wanted for sale price
    its the 20 yr lease with DSS for 425,000 that ran out in Aug 2011, so Contra has been charging DSS a taxable 30k a month since August2011
    To answer my own question.