Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Truck Talk

Tom Casey has an article in today's Register-Star about  a meeting that took place yesterday to discuss truck routes: "Officials hash out proposed new truck route." The article reports that "Officials from Hudson and Greenport met with representatives from the Department of Transportation and the offices of U.S. Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand, and U.S. Rep. Chris Gibson’s offices Tuesday to discuss moving the route." It's not known who the Hudson officials in attendance were, but word has it that Greenport supervisor John Porreca was there. The meeting was initiated by Linda Mussmann and held at Time & Space Limited--located on one of Hudson's two truck routes, the one that would be eliminated by the proposed new route. 

The proposal doesn't seem like much of a solution for many Hudsonians--especially the residents and business owners on Warren Street above Seventh and around the Public Square who have organized to improve their neighborhood. It involves banning trucks from Route 9G, which comes into Hudson on Third Street and turns right onto Columbia Street, and making all trucks follow Route 9 through the city--entering on Worth Avenue, turning left onto Warren Street, turning right onto Park Place, and then turning right again onto Columbia Street. The trucks would then make the curve onto Green Street and follow Green Street to Fairview Avenue. At Fariview Avenue, instead of turning left and following the path of Route 9, all trucks, except for those bound for the big boxes in Greenport, would stay on Green Street (and Route 23B) and head for Claverack, presumably to turn left onto Route 9H at the intersection in the hamlet and eventually find their way back to Route 9.       


  1. Considering the near misses involving the elderly,kids out for their first bike rides,tourists who read maps while they cross streets,the stoned and drunk and the poorly laid out curb design at that corner...this sounds like a great idea!! I have been nearly mowed down by amped up drivers who are not aware how busy w pedestrian traffic that area is,and can only foresee more carnage ahead.I may switch to a walk-in clinic as my new profession if this passes.

  2. This doesn't sound like a good compromise for all the families, the pre-school, the businesses and the upscale restaurants (one to open in a few weeks) in Hudson above 7th Avenue. It's simply moving the problem from one end of town to the other. This area is already zoned for transitional housing. Run a truck route through an up and coming Third Ward neighborhood and you will lower the already distressed real estate values in this area, as well as discourage any more new restaurants or shops opening up above the 7th Street Park.

  3. A comment submitted beneath the Register Star story asks, "Why can't people leave things alone?"

    From a more cynical perspective it should be asked, "What has anyone have to gain from the doomed plan?"

    The divisiveness of the new truck route plan is not an incidental feature.

    Looking into our crystal balls we can see a season's worth of controversy ahead, intended to pit volatile residents of Hudson's underprivileged neighborhoods against the admirable efforts of residents around and east of the 7th Street park.

    Because people up around the park aim to make their area the future crown jewel of the city, it was totally predictable that their efforts would somehow be used against them. It's now evident that their efforts will be used in an invidious campaign meant to deepen class resentment (code for other resentments).

    It is a doomed campaign. Nothing will result from the plan except for months of Mussman-sponsored agitation and controversy, which is traditionally aimed against the forces of gentrification.

    In a word, she must be planning to run for office again. Apparently she even enjoys the assistance of our new Mayor!, and certainly Mr. Moore will aid and abet any scheme that furthers the appearance that he is accomplishing important goals. Yep, she's gearing up for a run, you can bet on it. And as usual it will be fueled by manufactured resentment in the community.

    Meanwhile, where is the anti-truck legislation that would help the underprivileged neighborhoods west of 3rd Street? It was promised to the lower city all last year, save for the obstructionism of the "environmentalists" (a false accusation made repeatedly by Mussman, several alderman and attorney Roberts in Mr. Moore's tacitly approving company).

    And while the DOT was in town yesterday, were they asked about O&G's 10-month old safety infraction along Route 9G? Now that's something that someone can actually do something about, but it should be obvious by now that none of this is about doing real work.

    The DOT and Congressional staff were invited here to help launch a campaign they know nothing about. We're such a pariah among municipalities, it's a wonder anyone came at all!

    The purpose of the new truck route plan is to be divisive, period. Sadly, it is Hudson's typical answer to the question of why people cannot leave things alone.

  4. So, because we already live on 23b9g ,its OK?God forbid anyone who hasn't arrived yet here should suffer.These Trucks rock the foundation of my house that predates Hudson.These immense semis and tractor trailers practically jackknife at the turn on N3rd and Columbia.
    Some are carrying double stacked new cars or fuel tanks.One false move,and they are in my living room.They can't make it up that incline,without sliding backwards inthe winter,since they are at a dead stop and Cab is Facing N3rd and Trailer is at rt angle down Columbia.
    The drivers can't possibly see or are expecting to be in a neighborhood(albeit poor &lower working class,people primarily of color)of Families,pedestrians and children and school-bus Stop.
    Also the Soon to be Senior Center&Youth Center is on S3rd 23b9g,however on the tonier side of RTEs across Warren-Still Not safe for kids or elders.

    So Share and share alike. Have the trucks on a rotating detour schedule, so that every homeowner has to deal with them day & night a few months a year ,on these narrow streets ,right past their homes and businesses.
    OH NIBY,can't have a homeless shelter for families or Trucks on upper Warren, new restaurants are coming,businesses,places most down in the 2nd & 4th can't afford anyway.
    But its just fine to have 32 permanently homeless on Columbia Street ,since why?The people who live here are already dealing with 23b 9g,so screw them."Leave it alone"
    Why ?you think anyone here is used to it ,the traffic is getting worse.But it's just "them"
    All this is so insulting.
    And this crap,"If you don't like it ,move "
    See if Helsinki or Etsy wants to move.
    Between Galloway's Vacant Bldg,
    30 junked cars in the yard behind me the City is totally aware of,
    The birage of enormous trucks,that a cab can't let me out in front of my house,but has to turn into the alley,
    oceans of deserted parking lots at night
    and the new promise of 32 permanent homeless, 2 blks away using our corner store,late at night across from the elemetary school,where these kids have top walk on these two trke rtes.
    I don't know anything about Mussman or TLC or any of that history and so what? I know what I live with along with my neighbors.I know what my taxes are.
    Tell me to move?
    I couldn't give my house away.
    I have heard this,primarily from privileged people,or those who do not live on trke rte,or City officials ,none of them affected or will be.