Thursday, April 19, 2012

More Talk of Trucks

Sam Pratt has a new post on his blog, "Down on the corner"--the first in a series of posts about the truck routes in Hudson and our perpetual but fruitless desire to get rid of them. Today's post focuses on the efforts made in the late 1990s to reroute the trucks.  


  1. A DOT spokesman claims that last August the state agency offered to "facilitate" just such a meeting. Unfortunately the Register Star makes no reference to that previous offer or to the role of the DOT at Tuesday's TSL meeting.

    It rather begs the question whether Ms. Mussman was awarded her role as "host" over and above the more neutral offer from the DOT? Was this a blatant political favor to someone with an unmistakable agenda?

    Mussman claims to have been "listening and asking a lot of questions, trying to get cooperation." I'm guessing that that's disingenuous at best, and that her plan and course of action were decided a long time ago.

    So was it only the newspaper's incomplete account of the meeting, or was a considerable position for this controversial, agenda-ridden person privileged over the willing and neutral state facilitator?

    Whoever made the decision should explain. And when the Task Force on which she will invariably serve falls to pieces by the rancor she typically sews, the official who is now favoring her with such decisions will own the whole mess.

  2. Whether or not the idea was always to relocate the truck route within the city limits (my guess is that it was), the seamless transition from the external plan to the new internal one reveals a common theme throughout the recent agitation to have the trucks moved.

    It should be crystal clear that moving the route anywhere at all from its present location was the priority all along.

    When Mussman said of the meeting she hosted that "getting everyone together was a pretty good opportunity to get the ball rolling," we must learn who "everyone" was.

    It is crucial to learn who was and was not invited to that meeting. Please ask your aldermen and county supervisors whether they were invited.

    Obviously there is a larger, hidden design in all of this, but what else can we expect in Hudson?