Friday, April 20, 2012

Gimme Shelter

On March 8, the Board of Supervisors Human Services Committee decided to solicit proposals for what is now being called "emergency/transitional supportive housing." Gossips predicted at the time that the Lantern Organization would be stepping forward, and they did. In today's Register-Star, Nathan Mayberg reports that there are five agencies interested in providing emergency/transitional supportive housing for Columbia County: Eric Galloway's Lantern Organization, Catholic Charities, Maranatha Human Services, the Mental Health Association of Columbia-Greene Counties, and St. Catherine's Center for Children.  


  1. there it is again - industry of poverty - geezus - everybodys getting in the game - how do i get a piece of this action

  2. The Baltimore office is no longer hiring because, well, it's gone. But you can still try what worked for the prospective clients in this news story, and if you've got a nice car just park it up the street: