Thursday, April 26, 2012

Incident on Columbia Street

When leaving Club Helsinki tonight at about 10:30, after Dining Out for Life with friends, Gossips encountered a Greenport police car blocking access to Columbia Street below Fourth Street. When asked what was happening, the officer explained that there was an "incident" farther down on the block but would give no information about the nature of the incident. Gossips then asked, "Why are the Greenport police here? Don't we have enough police officers in Hudson?" The officer responded, "They're calling everybody in." 

Heading home, Gossips circled back and snapped this picture from Prison Alley, through a chain link fence, just west of the county office building at 325 Columbia. It appears that at least three Hudson police cars had converged on a building on the north side of Columbia Street, either 308 or 310, both of which are owned by Phil Gellert.  

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  1. On Facebook, there’s been some speculation about a shooting inside the deli at 3rd and Columbia. Can't confirm that, though.