Friday, April 20, 2012

The Mayor Speaks

In today's Register-Star, Tom Casey has an interview with Mayor William Hallenbeck, assessing his first hundred days in office: "100 days deep, with goals aplenty." Of particular interest is what Hallenbeck has to say about the proposed Civic Hudson project: "It would be nice if the city could separate the two [police/court building and supportive housing]. . . . But I think the benefits totally outweigh the negatives . . . "; and about Eric Galloway, who he thinks is a "great asset to the city": "I would say he probably deserves the key to the city at this point." 


  1. "I would say he probably deserves the key to the city at this point."

    Key to the city? Seems like he's already got the combination to the safe.

  2. such a nightmare,can't wake up from

  3. Galloway seeks to privatize Hudson's infrastructure, but only if he's guaranteed corporate profits paid for by the taxpayers. It's very simple, really.

    That's what's happening with our Library. That's also what's happening with the police station and courthouse. Why not just build us a courthouse? Because there's no income in it for Galloway. Why not just let the Library have the building? There's no revenue stream. It's very simple.