Thursday, April 26, 2012

Upstreet, Downstreet

This year, the 157th Annual Firemen's Inspection Day Parade will proceed upstreet (and uphill) on Warren Street instead of downstreet. Far from being an unprecedented break with tradition, the new route seems to be a return to the parade routes of yesteryear. A reader provided these pictures of an Inspection Day Parade in the 1950s. They were taken at the intersection of Warren and Third streets. Notice the awning on 260 Warren Street, the barber pole at 302 Warren, where The Bee's Knees is now located, the streetcar tracks, the cobblestones, and that car with the remarkable tail fins.


  1. In photo #2, the car on the right is a 1957 Plymouth Belvedere Sport Coupe .
    The car heading toward the photographer appears to be a Chrysler Imperial of the same year.
    This would have been the first year for tail fins on our cars. They were introduced in the fall of 1956 as cars that "dared to break the time barrier".

    1. Thanks, Bob! I knew someone reading this blog would be able to ID the make, model, and year of those cars.

  2. Thanks again to GOR for providing a pic of the past.
    260 Warren was McKenna's Bar, the pic w. the awning.
    The Barber was possibly Frank Tamburro, the Shop named Frank's
    Pic 1, man on the left is former Hudson Mayor Samuel Wheeler.
    The cobblestones are bricks from area brick works.
    What are your & GOR readers thoughts of a City of Hudson Museum?
    Tom D'Onofrio