Tuesday, May 17, 2011

The Aftermath of Tragedy

As some readers may already know, two dogs--two chocolate Labs who were litter mates--were sucked through the culvert in South Bay this past weekend. One of them, Tillie, drowned; the other, Romy, survived and is now in intensive care at a veterinary hospital in Hillsdale.

Yesterday their bereft human, who witnessed her beloved dogs' horrible fate, returned to the scene of the tragedy to post signs warning others of the extreme danger, and there is a community initiative--since the owner and presumed leasee of the property, Holcim and O&G respectively, have in the past taken the callous position that anyone there is trespassing--to install grates on the culvert to keep this from ever happening again. To let people know where the tragedy occurred, Lisa Durfee created this map showing the exact location of the culvert in South Bay. 

Meanwhile, Romy's vet bills are expected to run into thousands of dollars, and friends of Romy's grieving human, Hudson resident Marlene Marshall, have issued an appeal for help, which Gossips is happy to pass along. Checks made out to Marlene Marshall can be mailed to PO Box 363, Sheffield, MA 01257, or dropped off at Lili and Loo in Hudson. If it's more convenient, you can make your contribution through Gossips. Just click on the "Donate" button and indicate that your contribution is for Romy. Gossips will pass the money along to Marlene, with a list of the people who contributed it.    

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