Tuesday, May 17, 2011

HCSD: Good News Obliterated by Bad News

Out of 9,352 registered voters in the Hudson City School District, only 1,673 turned out at the polls today. Of those 1,673, 1,249 voted NO on the budget. (That's a whopping 75 percent.) Only 424 people voted YES. 

Yet in spite of the voters' unequivocal rejection of the budget, the HCSD Board of Election voted 4 to 3 to impose the exorbitant budget anyway. The four BOE members voting to do so were Peter Merante, Emil Meister, Jeff Otty, and Mary Daly.

Read Lynn Sloneker's excellent account of the stunning turn of events on Unmuffled.


  1. That is ridiculous. I believe we should demand the four BOE members immediate resignations.

  2. This is outrageousness. How cam my vote not count!!!

  3. Can someone please tell me why we voters took time from our busy day to go vote if the votes don't affect the outcome ? Isn't this similar to a kangaroo court.

  4. Can we get NYS to investigate this overpriced fourth worst school district in NY for some answers - or change - or lack of accountability ?!

  5. I contacted the NYS Broad of Elections and this is the reply:
    Thank you for contacting the New York State Board of Elections concerning your complaint about a school district election.

    School district elections do not come under the jurisdiction of the State Board of Elections; they are administered by school districts under the Education Law and the State Commissioner of Education. To file a complaint you need to contact the State Education Department's Office of Counsel at 518-474-6400 or email at: legal@mail.nysed.gov.

    I have emailed the State Education Department's Office of Counsel to complain, but I have not received a reply yet.