Saturday, May 21, 2011

Of Interest

Jamie Larson has a couple articles that deserve attention in today's Register-Star.

The first is about the HCDPA decision to absolve the Hudson Area Library of its obligation to repay $300,000: "A fair trade?"  There's a dubious quote from Mayor Rick Scalera at the end of the article. Speaking of the care and keeping of one of Hudson's most significant historic buildings, Scalera said, “That’s our [HCDPA's] mission now. They’re washing their hands of it.”

The second is about the lavish efforts being made to bring artisanal bread from the French countryside to Warren Street: "Famed baguette will wow local taste buds." No expense is being spared at Cafe Le Perche, 230 Warren Street, which is expected to open next month, but their baguettes are going to have to be very good indeed to rival the baguettes at LOAF.