Saturday, May 14, 2011

Another South Bay Tragedy

Last May, Gossips reported the drowning death of a dog in the South Bay culvert. At the time, Department of Public Works Superintendent Rob Perry said he would ask Holcim to put grates on the culvert to prevent this tragedy from happening again. Either Perry didn't ask or Holcim didn't comply with his request, because this evening another dog drowned in the culvert.     


  1. This is just so wrong.

    Shirking ones duties of protecting the community is not acceptable behavior, wether it's The Superintendent of Public Works or Master Holcim declaring eminant domain of Hudsons waterfront.

  2. Can you tell us more Carole? This is the type of news that I don't think the paper really covers and it is real news, to us Hudsonians. Can you tell us whose dog, and how it happened? Unless the owners are too distraught to permit that.
    Very sorry to read this, it must be awful for the owners, really tragic.
    Tom Swope

  3. I'm sorry, Tom. I don't know whose dog it was, and I expect the owner wants it that way. How it happened is probably the same way it happened to Tom and Mary Hack's dog last year. If I remember correctly, their dog was being walked off leash on the "causeway" when some stimulus--geese, I think--enticed the dog to give chase and jump into the water. Before his human could get to him, he was sucked through the culvert under the rail bed. Since the culvert is full of water, the effect is like an undertow. The dog had drowned by the time he got to the other side.