Saturday, May 14, 2011

A Different Approach

Once upon a time in Hudson--probably when the cement plants were booming and cement seemed to be the solution to every problem--a few 19th-century commercial buildings were "modernized" by replacing the glass storefronts with brutally solid walls of cement. 

Within the past decade, the original storefront was re-created on this building at the corner of Warren and Fourth streets.

At the corner of Columbia and Park Place, they're taking a different approach.


  1. I'm confused. In the earlier photos there are only 5 windows; in the later photos there are six. Was the building added onto at the left where the "rooms" sign is? (also, the brick pattern over the windows is different).

  2. The Face building at Fourth and Warren, which was built in 1859, was redone soon after, possibly in the boom years that preceded the Panic of 1873. The roof line was altered, the cornice was added, the building was expanded to create the sixth bay, and the ornament over the windows was changed.