Saturday, May 28, 2011

What's Next for 400 State Street?

Since the current library board made its intentions known to move the library out of its historic building, the question on the minds of people who care about 400 State Street has been, "What will happen to it now?" Gossips has reported the fact that HCDPA will take possession of the building when the libary leaves and the rumor that Eric Galloway is negotiating to buy it.

Last night, David Voorhees shared on Facebook a much more desirable idea for the future of Hudson and its oldest surviving institutional building:
Although at the epicenter of America's first truly original art movement in the 19th century, the City of Hudson shockingly still does not have an art museum. The contemplated sale of the architecturally important Hudson Area Library Building suggests immediate actions be taken to create an organization to preserve the structure and create a board for its use as a museum. Is anyone interested?
Anyone interested in pursuing this idea should contact David or Gossips.

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