Friday, May 27, 2011

The Talk Continues

Last night's HCSD budget workshop started out with a four-page agenda containing 119 ideas for cutting the school budget--apparently every suggestion that has been made to members of the BOE in the past several days. After the meeting had gone on for an hour and 45 minutes, only 20 of the items had been discussed. The meeting reportedly continued for another hour. 

Register-Star reporter Audra Jornov seems to have stayed to the bitter end, and her account provides a sense of what being there was like: "Budget ideas swirl at HCSD meeting." To fill in a couple missing details, the "eager audience member" mentioned in the third paragraph is HCSD budget watchdog Vince Wallace, and the "obesity specialist" mentioned in the thirty-fifth paragraph is Kari Rieser, program coordinator for Kids in Motion Childhood Obesity Prevention at the Columbia Health Care Consortium.           

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