Tuesday, May 31, 2011

A New Candidate for the First Ward

An article in today's Register-Star confirms what many already knew: "Rodgers bows out of race for alderman." Rodgers earned incumbent First Ward Alderman Geeta Cheddie's righteous indignation first when he was endorsed by the Hudson City Democratic Committee (an endorsement Cheddie sought but did not receive) even though he did not actually live in Hudson or the First Ward and later when he applied to become a commissioner of deeds using the address of a building where he expected to rent an apartment but never actually entered into a lease agreement, but he claims that he is not withdrawing because of Cheddie's harassment but because a stronger candidate has emerged. 

The candidate replacing Rodgers in the Democrats' lineup is David Marston, a First Ward resident and homeowner and an active voice in community issues. Marston has advocated for the preservation of Bliss Towers, is part of the ad hoc committee working to save 900 Columbia Street, and wrote a reasoned and articulate My View recently about the designation of Robinson Street as a historic district.

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