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A Hundred Years Ago in Hudson

In 1911, fifty years after the beginning of the Civil War and forty-three years after the first observation of Memorial Day, the parade in Hudson was a bigger affair than it is today. The following, including the artwork, is from the Evening Register for May 29, 1911--back in the day when Memorial Day was celebrated on May 30, no matter what day that fell on, instead of on the last Monday in May, as it is now.  


The Program of the Services at the Cemetery.


Firemen and Fraternal Order Will
be in Line in Addition to
Usual Participants.

To-morrow, the Memorial Day parade, which will take place in the afternoon, will be composed of two divisions, to consist of Company F, the veterans of R. D. Lathrop Post, the Hudson fire department, Knights of Pythias, the Modern Woodmen, the Knights of the Maccabees, the Boy Scouts. The order of the marching column, with the Hudson band leading the first division and the Co. F Drum Corps the second division will be as follows:

The Order and Formation of Parade on Memorial Day.
Assembly at the armory 1 o'clock p.m., sharp.
Carriages report to Eugene C. Secor at the armory 12:45 sharp.
Company F, Tenth Regiment, will form on North Fifth street, right resting on State.
R. D. Lathrop Post No. 138, G. A. R., Hudson Camp No. 71, S. A. W., Veterans and Sons of Veterans, will form in the armory.
Hudson First Department, Chief William H. Weaver, will form on North Fifth street, right resting on State.
Henry Hudson Co. No. 4, U. R., Knights of Pythias, will form on North Fifth street, right resting on State, left extending to Warren.
Hudson Camp No. 8771, Modern Woodmen of America, will form on North Fifth street in read of U. R. Knights of Pythias.
Hendrick Hudson Tent No. 577, K. O. T. M., will form on North Fifth street in rear of Woodmen.
The Boy Scouts of America will form on North Fifth street in rear of the K. O. T. M.
Carriage will form on arrival on State street, right resting on North Fifth street, left extending to Sixth.

Order of Marching Column.
Marshal and Aides.
First Division.
Sergeant John Cruise and Police Platoon.
Hudson City Band.
Company F, Tenth Regiment, Capt. A. G. Harvey, Commanding.
R. D. Lathrop Post No. 138, G. A. R., Eugene Secor, Commander.
Hudson Camp No. 71, S. A. War Veterans, Chas. W. Clapper, Commander.
Sons of Veterans,
Robert Hotaling, Commanding.
Hudson Fire Department,
Wm. H. Weaver, Chief, and Assistants.
Edmonds Hose Co. No. 1
H. W. Rogers Hose Co. No. 2
Washington Hose Co. No. 3
Phoenix Hose Co. No. 5
J. W. Hoysradt Hose and Chemical Co. No. 8

Second Division
William W. Chace, Chief of Division.
Co. F, Tenth Regiment Drum Corps.
Henry Hudson Co. No. 4, U. R., K. of P.
Edgar H. Davis. Commanding.
Hudson Camp No. 8771, M. W. A., Milton Van Hoesen, Commanding.
Hendrick Hudson Tent No. 577, K. O. T. M., J. Gamwell Aldcroftt, Commanding.
The Boy Scouts of America, Physical Director Wheldon, Commanding.
City Officials in Carriages.
Clergy in Carriages.

Line of March
Down State to Fourth, over Fourth to Warren street, up Warren to Park Place, over Park Place to Columbia street, up Columbia street to Cedar Park Cemetery.

On the return from the cemetery the line of march will be down Prospect avenue to Warren street, down Warren to Fifth street, over Fifth to the armory, where the column will be dismissed.


Services at Cemetery
The following is the order of exercises at the cemetery:
Bugle Call, Assembly.
Prayer by the Rev. Geo. MacDonald, pastor of the First M. E. church.
Reading  Original Order No. 11, by General Logan, instituting the observance of Memorial Day, by Frank S. Clapper, of Spanish War Veterans.
"Hail Columbia," by band.
Reading President Lincoln's address at Gettysburg, by James W. Moon, Past Commander, G. A. R.
Reading General Orders C. S., Dept. of N. Y., G. A. R., by Eugene C. Secor, Commander G. A. R.
"Star Spangled Banner," by band.
Oration, by Elmer S. Luckenbach, Esq.
"America," by band.
Benediction by Rev. Paul W. Kohler, Pastor of St. John's Lutheran church.
Bugle Call, Taps (lights out.)

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