Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Dog News

Home Again  Romy, the chocolate Lab who survived the harrowing journey through the South Bay culvert that took his littermate's life, returned home last Thursday. He's on antibiotics and pain medication for a bruised back, and his human says, "You can see the trauma in his eyes," but he's home and recuperating, and that's cause for celebration. 

Dog Lost  A young German shepherd named Angel got away from her humans at the Greenport Conservation Area yesterday. She was with her humans on the Yellow Trail that heads south when she ran away. Anyone who has any information about Angel should contact Gossips, and we'll get the word to her humans. 

Meeting Reminder  Both these stories about the bad things that can happen to dogs off leash underline the need for a dog park where dogs can run free safely. First Ward Alderman Sarah Sterling is holding a meeting next week Tuesday, May 31, at 7 p.m., at City Hall to talk about creating a dog park in Hudson. 

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  1. Angel was turned into the Humane Society, so she is back home, but thank you Carole for reporting her loss. And thank you to everyone who expressed concern and gave helpful advice.