Friday, May 27, 2011

What's in a Brick?

The Register-Star reports today that the Old Brick Taven at the intersection of Routes 9H and 66 is being demolished. Every part of it is being salvaged, including the bricks, a truckload of which "has already been spoken for by the General Worth house in Hudson."

On May 9, Gossips reported that Eric Galloway, who owns General Worth's birthplace, was dissatisfied with the front wall after it had been rebuilt, as a single-course "veneer" wall, with the original brick--as the Historic Preservation Commission had been assured it would be--and ordered it rebuilt with different bricks. Now, it seems, we know where those different bricks are coming from.

On a related topic, rumor has it that Galloway is negotiating to buy another precious Hudson landmark: 400 State Street.



  1. 400 State Street would make a great hotel.

  2. Even better if it was on the corner of 5th and Warren

  3. Chad--Thinking about your suggestion, I got the idea for some promotional copy: "Sleep where the destitute, lunatics, and orphans slept before you." I shared that with someone this evening who told me about St. Vincent's Guest House in New Orleans, which started out as an orphanage. So I checked out St. Vincent's Guest House online and discovered that recent guests at that hostelry complained about dirty carpet, noise, cockroaches, bed bugs, and mice. Hmmm.

  4. -former prison -former hospital
    www.beckhamcreekcavelodge -former home of The Flintstones