Monday, April 15, 2013

After the Fire

Susan Lynn Troy, who was in second grade at St. Mary's when the old school burned, was inspired by this morning's post to share a memory. 

In June of that year, two months after the fire, each child got to pick a brick from a pile of bricks salvaged from the rubble. The children then painted the bricks--any color they wanted--and pasted--using that white library paste many of us remember--their school picture on it to make a Father's Day gift. 

If any reader has one of those bricks, Gossips would love to publish a picture of it. Click here to connect with Gossips.


  1. That building was doomed in any case. Either it would be consumed by fire, or the civic leadership in Hudson would have torn it down.

  2. You tread on Holy Ground!

    Shame on you.