Saturday, April 6, 2013

More Change at the HPD

Yesterday Sam Pratt reported the word on the street: "Another domino falls?" Today the Register-Star has the official story: "Paolino set to retire from city police department." The story is accompanied by a picture of Lieutenant Richard Paolino, which may provide the first opportunity for many Hudsonians to connect the name of an officer who has been on the force since 1990 and seems to be quoted in every news story that involves the HPD with a face.    


  1. One change that has most recently happened has made my life a bit easier. The parking lot behind the HPD hasn't been double parked in the alley with private vehicles. Lately I can now access my garage without first going to the HPD and request cars to be moved. Last month I ripped off a side mirror trying to navigate the minimal space between my garage and their cars.

    Thank You HPD for this change. Hope it's a permanent one!

  2. From my site on Friday at 9:30 am:

    “This comes on the heels of the recent retirement of Hudson Police chief Ellis Richardson, and appointment of Ed Moore as the new Chief.”

    From The Register-Star on Friday at 11:55 pm:

    “Paolino’s retirement comes on the heels of the recent retirement of former Police Chief Ellis Richardson, the appointment of new Police Chief Edward Moore and ...”

    The Register routinely gets breaking news tips from my site and Carole’s without acknowledging the source. Rarely, however, do they so flagrantly copy the phrasing of our items.