Sunday, April 7, 2013

Remembering Fleet Street

Fleet Street in London used to be where the British national newspapers were located. Fleet Street in Hudson used to be where a second bridge over the railroad tracks was located. 

Hudson's Fleet Street was the continuation of Partition Street west of Front Street, and it disappeared, along with Pennoyer Street which was the continuation of Union Street, during Urban Renewal, when everything on the west side of Front Street was leveled to build Hudson Terrace. 

Not long ago, Gossips published a newspaper article from 1942 reporting that the New York Central Railroad had asked permission of the City of Hudson to abandon the Fleet Street bridge, but the bridge wasn't actually demolished until 1957.

Among the collection of family photos shared with Gossips by a reader recently were these pictures of Fleet Street.

North side of Fleet Street from Franklin Square, circa 1946

Fleet Street bridge pedestrian walkway, circa 1950

Corner of Fleet and South Front streets, looking south to Allen Street, circa 1955


  1. Well kudos to GRT, your reader that sent the pics & all those involved to make GRT one of Hudson's "Best Top Ten" people, places & things.

  2. First-time views of Fleet Street! Thanks so much!

  3. Remember it well. I played at Franklin Park in the 50's.