Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Symmetry Restored

For as long as most people in Hudson can remember, the knob at the top of the finial that surmounts the west parapet at 317 Allen Street has been missing. But it is missing no more. 

Yesterday the artisans who had fabricated the reproduction ornament were up on a scaffold securing it in place and restoring the perfect symmetry of the Jacobean and Dutch inspired mansion that is the Inn at Hudson.


  1. What a sight for sore eyes....not the "knob at the top of the finial"
    Although, it looks beautiful,

    No, it's the sight of such attention to detail,
    the sight of such love ,care and respect for a historic home.

    Thank you, Dini and Windle

    Thanks Carole,for covering this story , for the reasons I mentioned above.
    (Nice photos of this historic moment)

  2. Indeed, Dini and Windle. Thank you for caring. In the face of all the un-caring about Hudson that surrounds us, you are shining stars.