Monday, April 29, 2013

Ear to the Ground: Upstreet, Downstreet

The Department of Public Works is poised to install the new street lamps on Warren Street above Park Place. Rob Perry, superintendent of Public Works, reported last week that the poles have been ordered, and the City is "awaiting power feed information" from National Grid to begin construction.

Word is that the owners of The Crimson Sparrow and Bonfiglio & Bread, who are eagerly anticipating the installation of the new street lamps, suggested to Perry--not unkindly--that when the new street lamps above Park Place are finally turned on, the lamps on the blocks below Park Place be turned off for a while, so that the shops and restaurants on the rest of Warren Street can know what it was like to be outside the glow of the perceived business district.

Meanwhile, just as Hudson's East End is starting to get official recognition as part of Hudson's commercial strip, a business that has been located in the 700 block of Warren Street for more than twenty years is moving downstreet to the 500 block. On Wednesday, May 1, Doyle Antiques, for more than two decades located at 711 Warren Street will be taking up residence at 529 Warren Street.


  1. Carole:
    Thanks for mentioning Hudson's East End, where both Bonfiglio and Crimson Sparrow are located, along with other fine establishments which can be seen by clicking the "Visit Hudson's East End" graphic on your blog. When might businesses on Columbia Street see Business District lighting? Last year we got a new trash receptacle on the corner of Columbia and Eighth Street (thanks Supervisor Perry!), so maybe our luck is turning.

  2. If only our residential streets could lose the 1950s era highway snake lights, which in my mind, when viewed at night linearly, evoke the gloom and despair in the brilliant movie "Silkwood" starring Cher and Meryl Streep.