Friday, April 26, 2013

More Evidence of Standard Oil

The little news item published early this morning, from the Hudson Evening Register for November 14, 1888, which pinpointed where Standard Oil was located and when the facility was constructed, inspired another Gossips reader to apply her research skills to uncover another item from the Hudson Evening Register, which confirms the size of the buildings, identifies the architect, and reveals the nature of the activity that went on there. The following is from the Hudson Evening Register for October 6, 1913, and recalls events reported twenty-five years earlier, on October 6, 1888. (The second paragraph is the one of interest.)


  1. I will not belief the existence of Standord Oil on the Hudson waterfront unless yew people perduce DNA from the corpse of John D. Rockefeller hisself.

  2. Truth is Treason in The Friendly City