Thursday, April 4, 2013

Of Interest

A year or so ago, rumors abounded about the dire financial state of Local Ocean, the innovative, eco-friendly fish farm just over the border in Greenport. In today's Register-Star, Nathan Mayberg has a report that brings us up-to-date on the fiscal state of things: "Local Ocean makes $19,000 tax payment; loses PILOT." 

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  1. One wonders whether the same kind of scrutiny was turned on the former LB Furniture Industries for the PILOT it received.

    Of course the trick at the time was to make it appear that L&B was solvent, so as not to interfere with the city's impossible "alternatives" to the placement of a road across the causeway.

    That's how it was all presented in the LWRP/GEIS: the unworkable alternatives which utilized the L&B property must not interfere with the operations of a valued local employer.

    After the city exploited this narrative for the purposes of its LWRP, suddenly L&B disappeared with little warning.