Monday, April 8, 2013

Historic Preservation Alert: Help Save the SHPOs

The cause of historic preservation in Hudson has benefited enormously over the years from the support and counsel of the New York State Historic Preservation Office. To acknowledge the continuing importance of our State Historic Preservation Office for protecting our architectural heritage and to help ensure that it can continue, contact our congressman, Chris Gibson, today and ask him to sign a bipartisan letter that is circulating in the House of Representatives. The letter requests effective funding for the Historic Preservation Fund, which underwrites the work of New York's SHPO and the SHPOs in other states. 

You can contact Congressman Gibson using the NYS Preservation League's Take Action link or you can email him directly. If you do the latter, you might mention how important historic architecture is to Hudson's continuing renaissance and its future economic development.

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  1. thank you gossips for bringing this to the attention of your many readers!