Friday, April 26, 2013

Commenting from Elsewhere

The often inscrutable workings of Blogger prevented Sam Pratt from making a comment on this blog, so he put his comment on his own blog: "Full circle."  


  1., post on this ,is truly fascinating stuff.
    This is a very interesting back story on this deed..I call ,"the who's on first deed", of this Holcim mess, as City Att.Robert's big claim that if the land that is "Clean" we are buying were contaminated,then the former owners would be held liable, to clean it up. Since Holcim is selling is where is...and ST. LAWRENCE CEMENT COMPANY is Holcim (US)Inc.,
    then that would put the CITY OF HUDSON
    first in line as the previous owners
    and WE could be held liable to clean up the land we sold for $1.00 in 1981 to St.Lawrence Cement Co.( Holcim(US)Inc.),that WE are buying back in exchange for 50 yrs. of "conditions "from Holcim(US)Inc.

    Something must be up with that land,since Lone Star Cement Corp.
    dumped it on CITY OF HUDSON for $1.00 for their "Conditions" in 1969.

    excerpt from deed.

    This Indenture,
    Made on 21st day of December Nineteen Hundred and Eighty-One
    Between CITY OF HUDSON,Hudson,New York,a Municipal Corporation located at 520 Warren Street ,Hudson New York 12534
    party of the first party,and ST.LAWRENCE CEMENT CO.,a corporation organized under laws of Canada with Offices at 50 Place Cremazie West,
    Montreal, Quebec, Canada

    Witnesseth that the party of the first part,in consideration of party of the second part,
    One and no/100--------------------------------Dollar ($1.00)
    then the description of land.
    at bottom.
    BEING A portion of the premises conveyed from Lone Star Cement Corporation to the City of Hudson, by deed dated January 24,1969, and recorded in the Columbia county Clerk's Office on
    February 5, 1969 in Liber 453 at page 15.

  2. Maybe Jimmy Hoffa is buried there ...