Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Career Opportunities

Hudson, as we learned last year, has the most self-employed people in New York State. Hudson's self-employment rate is 9.96 percent. Only two major metropolitan areas--San Francisco, with 9.3 percent, and Los Angeles, with 9.0 percent--come close to that percentage of entrepreneurs.

So, if you're thinking about joining the ranks of the self-employed or looking for a new avenue for your entrepreneurial energies, Brian Branigan, co-owner of Tortillaville, has recently published a book that could get you started. Entitled Food Truck 411: The Essential Information to Run a Successful Food Truck, it's a primer--"a trusty and reliable road atlas"--for anyone interested in becoming a food truck entrepreneur. 

If you'd like to skip the development phase and just take over an established business, the shiny food truck that is Tortillaville is for sale for $89,000. For that price you get the food truck, location rights, recipes, and training. (You don't get the name or the website.) If this appeals to you, contact Branigan.

Even though Branigan and Tortillaville co-owner and partner, Allison Culbertson, are ready to move on to the next thing, Tortillaville will be back this spring. The shiny taco wagon is expected to reopen on Saturday, May 24.


  1. Yes, it is. It told me so.

    The book will be available on opening day, and through Amazon, Spotty Dog, and various other outlets. We have a press kit available for those who request it.

    It begs the question: Are You Ready To Roll? If you are, this is a great business to consider. We love it, (and Hudson) and would only give it up because of a new opportunity.