Saturday, April 20, 2013

More About the Clock

This morning, at the annual meeting of the Friends of the First Presbyterian Church, Mayor William Hallenbeck read a proclamation declaring April 20, 2013, a "day of remembrance" to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the Seth Thomas clock that resides in the tower of the First Presbyterian Church. An interesting fact about the clock was revealed. In 1912, the clock that still tolls the hours today cost the City of Hudson $650. According to Ellis, the first city clock, installed in the first Presbyterian meeting house at Partition and Second streets in 1801, cost the City $465.28. There seems not to have been much inflation in that hundred year period. Imagine what replacing the clock would cost today.

The faces of the clock are familiar to all, but few have had the opportunity to see the actual clockworks. Thanks to Dan Region, who took the photographs, and Phil Forman, who shared them with Gossips, we offer a look at the part of the clock that is inside the tower.


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