Friday, April 19, 2013

Where Were You When You Heard the News?

Sam Pratt reminds us that it was eight years ago today that the State of New York denied a critical permit to the proposed St. Lawrence Cement Greenport project and effectively brought an end to the plan to build a massive cement plant just outside Hudson. Then New York Secretary of State Randy Daniels said of the proposed plant, "It doesn't meet the standards for what is considered waterfront revitalization."

Photograph by Byrne Fone


  1. Well, the pathetic and industry-friendly LWRP drafted by our city government "doesn't meet the standards for what is considered waterfront revitalization" either.

  2. And stop the plant they did! The great photo taken of the front
    of Fran and Vinnie DeGrazia's house on Warren Street exclaims the goal. Peter Jung and Sam Pratt and a group of 4000 volunteers, letter writers, auction contributors succeeded in keeping the cement plant monster out of Hudson and Columbia County. The one the only Valley Alliance! SAVE THE SOUTH BAY!

  3. I wuz there - in the Council Meeting when the host agreement was defeated and Rob O'Brien threw his papers in the air - and afterwards
    at the Red Dot as Sam read the announcement from the Department of State. What a day.