Thursday, May 12, 2022

About That Parking Study

Back in January, the City issued an RFP for a Parking Improvement Feasibility Study. Proposals were due on February 25, 2022, but since the RFP was issued, we haven't heard much about it.

Photo: Rob Perry
At the Planning Board meeting on Tuesday, Clark Weiman, who is part of the committee formed to review the proposals and select a consultant to do the study, provided an update. (The other members of the committee are Mayor Kamal Johnson, Council president Tom DePietro, Councilmember Ryan Wallace (Third Ward), and Public Works commissioner Peter Bujanow.) Weiman told his colleagues on the Planning Board that three proposals had been received, but only one of them was within budget. It seems $35,000 has been allocated for the parking study, $17,500 of which came from Tourism Board funds. It is not clear where the other $17,500 is coming from. In December 2020, when Michael Chameides, then mayor's aide, approached the Tourism Board seeking funding for the parking study, it seemed that $17,500 was all that would be needed to pay for it.

Gossips has learned that the three proposals, which have been in hand for more than two months, came with the following price tags: $60,000, $45,000, and $35,000. Instead of interviewing all the respondents, on the chance that the more expensive proposals were overall more desirable and might merit finding more money to fund the study, the committee has chosen to interview only the group that submitted the proposal with the lowest price. That interview is to take place sometime next week.

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