Monday, August 8, 2022

An Explanation and a Recommendation

Recently several of you have contacted me to report that you are no longer receiving Gossips posts or notifications of Gossips posts by email. There are two reasons why this is happening.

You may have signed up to receive Gossips by email. Once a day, usually in the late afternoon, you would receive, in your inbox, all the posts published in the previous 24 hours. That was a service provided by Google Blogger, the platform used for The Gossips of Rivertown, and it has been discontinued. The last post delivered by that means was received on July 24.

Alternatively, you may have requested that you receive email notification whenever a new post appeared on Gossips. That was a service provided by me, and one that has been progressively hampered by restrictions imposed by email service providers trying to prohibit spam. Ever tightening restrictions on the number of notices and the number of recipients have significantly reduced the number of notices I send out. In addition to the restrictions, I find, once I have published a post, I am more interested in diving into the next topic than taking the time to send out notifications. As a consequence, notifications from me have become sporadic at best. 

Today I have added a new device to Gossips, one that is now being offered by Google Blogger. You will find it toward the bottom of the right column. I don't know exactly how it works. It appears you need to subscribe either to NetVibes or to Yahoo in order to use it. I am not recommending it; I am just making it available to readers should they choose to use it.  

My own recommendation is that once or twice a day you just go directly to The Gossips of Rivertown and check out what's new. The URL is easy to remember: If you do it often enough, the entire URL will appear as soon as you type g in your browser. Should you forget the URL, just type gossips (be certain it's plural) into your search engine. In all likelihood, The Gossips of Rivertown--this blog not the 1848 novel from which it takes its name--will be the first thing to pop up.

Thank you all, always and sincerely, for your loyalty and interest in The Gossips of Rivertown.

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  1. is another tool to pull in feeds from blogs and other publishers. I use it for Gossips.