Sunday, August 21, 2022

In Memoriam: Tom Mabley

The obituary for Hudson resident Tom Mabley, who died on August 12 at the age of 89, was published today in the New York Times. The obituary recounts his acclaimed career in advertising--he was responsible for such famous taglines as "The Few. The Proud. The Marines." and "The Marines Are Looking for a Few Good Men" and was the creative mind behind the campaign for IBM's first home computer featuring the iconic Little Tramp character played by Charlie Chaplin and the tagline, "A Tool for Modern Times"--and also speaks of his life in Hudson:
A stalwart resident of Hudson, NY for the past 45 years, Tom spent his golden years living there full-time and volunteering to create campaigns for the Hudson Fire Department ("Pride Is Our Pay") as well as for the Quadricentennial celebration of Henry Hudson's river voyage.
Hudson has lost a very kind, generous, and talented man.


  1. Tom was a wonderful, creative man with a sharp eye and a keen ear. I remember observing him in meetings patiently listening, taking notes, watching over his glasses frames, quietly absorbing, methodically distilling and later succinctly delivering a tag line or a campaign concept. That was in retirement, I imagine he was a dynamo to work with professionally.

    A Good Man.


  2. Very sorry to hear this. We were a neighbor of Tom's on Allen Street almost 30 years ago. A very charming. pleasant unassuming man. For those who remember him, he will be much missed. Hudson's loss, for sure. Condolences to his family.