Friday, August 19, 2022

Of COVID and Monkeypox

The following is quoted from a press release issued today by Matt Murell, chair of the Columbia County Board of Supervisors:

COVID-19 cases  
“Positive COVID-19 cases remain elevated,” said Director Mabb. Through this morning, this week the county has performed case investigations on 101 positive individuals. Last week there were 90 positives. “These remain pretty significant numbers considering how many people are testing using home tests that don’t get reported.” 

As of Monday, per the CDC, Columbia County’s rate of new COVID-19 cases remained in the low risk category. On Thursday, the CDC-reported current average of new daily cases per 100,000 of population stood at 20.3. The positive test rate is 13.1 percent. . . .

“The County Health Department will be receiving more than 70 doses of the Jynneos monkeypox vaccination next week after a successful clinic at Columbia-Greene Community College, where 35 doses were dispensed last week,” reported Columbia County Department of Health Director Jack Mabb this morning. He said the county has recorded three cases of monkeypox in the last two weeks, and has worked with the infected individuals to learn of anyone in their circle who may benefit from the vaccine. 

"We’re in a good location for individuals who are looking for the vaccine. Now they won’t have to travel all the way to Saratoga,” added Director Mabb. Many of the individuals who received their vaccine at the first monkeypox clinic traveled up from New York City. 

County DOH is planning a monkeypox vaccine clinic on Thursday, August 25, from 10 a.m. to noon at ColumbiaGreene Community College. Links to sign up will be posted today on the county DOH website:

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