Monday, August 15, 2022

An Idea Whose Time Has Just Now Come

Last September, the Common Council passed a law lowering the speed limit on Glenwood Boulevard and Union Street to 25 miles an hour. The language of the law clarified that this was just the beginning: "Initially this law will apply only to Glenwood Boulevard and Union Street but can be amended from time to time by the Common Council to add additional streets." Discussion prior to passing the law made it clear that the ultimate goal was to lower the speed limit throughout the city. 
Now it seems it can happen without doing it piecemeal, a street or two at a time.

On Friday, August 12, Governor Kathy Hochul signed into law S02021A/A01007A, a bill that "authorizes cities, villages and towns to reduce the speed limit to twenty-five miles per hour." The Common Council can now do what they wanted to do in the first place: reduce the speed limit in Hudson from 30 to 25 miles an hour in one fell swoop.


  1. I just wish there would be a little enforcement of the 25mph limit, especially on Upper Union Street from 7th to Worth. The sign near the Worth end is a little hard to see because of the trees and the cars/trucks are still racing up and down the street in both directions.

    1. Jennifer - According to HPD Chief Ed Moore, stated at two recent CC meetings, it is not possible for them to enforce the speed limit downtown due to limitations regarding their speed radar gun. I don't buy his reasoning, but that's what we have : Absolutely zero speed enforcement in Hudson's downtown area, including Union. And a police department that is satisfied with that.

  2. I too am alarmed at how fast people fly down Union St - I am between 5th and 4th. In the morning during the week, many have to be traveling as fast as 50 mph. I just cannot believe it is impossible to enforce! What is the point of putting up the new 25 mph speed signs? It is so unsafe and speeders make a joke of the speed limit and speed right past the police station on Union :(

  3. Our Police Chief, Ed Moore, lives in Cleremont. Do you think he truly cares how fast people drive in the City of Hudson? I've never seen him walking in town in plain clothes. I've never seen him bicycling on any city streets. I've never seen him walking with family, or trying to cross the road and not get hit by a careless and reckless speeder. Why should he care or worry? Does the police commissioner live in Hudson? I've never seen him around town and he rarely shows up to common council meetings. Neither of these guys appear to be truly invested in Hudson, so no, neither is interested in enforcing the speed limit, no matter what it might be. It's absurd.