Tuesday, August 30, 2022

In Memoriam: Pat Fenoff

City historian Pat Fenoff died last week. Her obituary appears in today's Register-Star

Photo: Register-Star
The obituary recalls many of the countless tasks she undertook to celebrate and preserve the history of Hudson. It doesn't however mention that in 2012, Mayor William Hallenbeck honored Pat for a quarter century of dedication and service as city historian. Pat continued in that role for another ten years.

Gossips will be eternally grateful to Pat for aiding and abetting in many a historic exploration, for gently correcting when I'd gotten something wrong, and mostly for her kindness and friendship. Hudson has lost a great public servant.


  1. RIP Pat Fenoff. You were always gracious and enthusiastic when speaking with me.

  2. Sorry to hear that. A loss for Hudson. But a lot of Hudson's rich history is preserved. May it continue.

  3. While once corresponding with Pat, she told me that most of the historical documents relating to Hudson were in her basement. I hope that is not still the case.
    RIP,Pat - and thank you.