Friday, August 26, 2022

A Fate of a Non-designated House

This morning, in her presentation to the Historic Preservation Commission about the Certified Local Government Program, Linda Mackey from NYSHPO showed these pictures of what happened to a house in Syracuse that was not part of a designated historic district.

Here in Hudson, we have our own example of what can happen to a house located outside one of the designated historic districts: 260 State Street. 

Gossips has posted about this house a couple of time times--when moldings over the windows in the mansard roof were removed and replaced with some new and strange "ornaments";

and when the slate on the mansard roof got replaced with asphalt shingles.

The pictures below, taken by a reader earlier today, show that the fenestration is also undergoing alteration, changing the number and placement of some windows and the size of others.



  1. The way to solve this is to work to declare the entire city as one unified historic district and to work together to preserve the ONLY more or less intact Hudson River town in its still- recognizable form. Baring that, the city should consider a few key move, like barring non-occupied flat roofs, as a way to ensure that the
    skyline remains defined by sloping roofs and steeples. A glance at almost any other "city" will confirm the devastating effect that buildings with flat roofs have. The flat roof allows a building to take any size, shape and dimension; regardless of the surroundings. Once they begin to proliferate, the city will lose its essential historic and look like everywhere else. If we don't allow chain stores we ought not to allow flat roofs.

  2. Ugh - Too bad all of Hudson isn't in the Historic District - look at the old brick funeral home on Upper Columbia Street, total eyesore, offices where once there was a grand mansion, and lots of black.

  3. And work seems to have ceased on this building at least 3 months ago when I noticed there was no longer a dumpster behind it. No noise, no activity, no dumpster, no work, no progress. Still an eyesore. This is common in town.