Monday, August 29, 2022

Trash as Public Amenity?

In May, Gossips shared a picture of a sofa abandoned on the now defunct Ferry Street Bridge. (When last I looked, the discarded sofa was still there.) 

Photo: Bob Tomaso
A reader in a comment suggested the couch may have been positioned there on the bridge to provide a comfortable place to sit while viewing the waterfront or watching trains arrive and depart.

Today, another reader sent me a picture of another discarded sofa, this one left at the water's edge in the part of the waterfront known as East Jeezus.

Photo: Peter Jung
Given its positioning, it's easy to imagine this one was deposited here to provide a place to lounge while gazing out onto the river and the mountains beyond.

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  1. Good to see that the City finally got around to improving these public spaces, and WITHOUT a mucho-strings-attached grant from Galvin or Colarusso. See what we can do on our own?